Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

It was an eventful Quakertown day.  The sun finally peaked out from behind the clouds around noon.  There was plenty of energy in the air!  You just HAD to be there…

If you missed it, the grand opening ceremony for Hair Studio 1208 was a successful and exciting event!  We have plenty of photos of what took place on Monday, Feb 26, 2018 [12:00noon]

(Check Out the photo gallery HERE)

Many key townsfolk were present, including the business owners – and Hair Specialists, Laura and Sharon.  Friends and family were all enjoying the great food and beverages provided for the lunchtime festivities.  Scott Allard from Atalanta Web Design was present for proper website representation.  It was a day to be remembered!

Celebration of a grand opening is a time honored tradition, and takes some planning.  A city ambassador should be present, who can emcee the event.  The ribbon, the giant scissors, and plenty of food & drink makes the entire day fun and memorable.  Reporters, public relations workers, photographers, friends, family and all supporters who can make it can do their part and contribute to a successful event!

Now that Hair Studio 1208 is “official”, we look forward to welcoming all!  Let’s schedule your next hair styling appointment!


Hair Studio 1208
1208 Juniper Street
Quakertown, PA 18951


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